This program will explore the basic principles of telecommuting and just how the procedure operates on College of Charleston

This program will explore the basic principles of telecommuting and just how the procedure operates on College of Charleston

  • Telecommuting Principles & Versatile Jobs Tips

Telecommuting tends to be a positive and advantageous choice for both staff members as well as the university, however it is important to comprehend about telecommuting so as to make it a fruitful skills. The training supplies valuable knowledge and information both for staff members as well as their managers in examining expertise recommended, potential difficulties, and sample situations and best tactics about how to manage them.

Performance and Productivity

To help executives communicate and control staff online work abilities and productivity, the College will query managers with telecommuting workforce to use the regular task tracking information provided by the Office of Human Resources. This will help executives and employees with recording services tasks performed remotely and offer a basis for abilities talks. Administrators are expected to retain this records.

Also, the College will watch the task efficiency evaluation ranks assigned to staff that are telecommuting. Reviews given while telecommuting will be versus past ranks to find out if there is any adverse or difference that could be involving telecommuting.


This system will likely be accessible to qualified workforce and managers. Consider the school’s Telecommuting rules to get more precisely qualifications. Workers during the after classifications will normally not be authorized to telecommute as a result of nature of these perform demanding physical presence on university full-time:

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